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Cheops-Network management tool-equivalent of a Swiss-army knife

Cheops (KEE-ops) is a Network management tool for mapping and monitoring the network. It has host/network discovery functionality as well as OS detection of hosts.

Cheops is an Open Source Network User Interface. It is designed to be the network equivalent of a Swiss-army knife, unifying your network utilities. Cheops does for the network what a file manager does for the file system.

Cheops can optionally determine the OS of hosts on the network, selecting appropriate icons for them. Cheops can show the routes taken to access areas of the network. This feature is designed for larger networks, with routers, sub nets, etc. This mapping not only makes hierarchy clearer, but can show unusual routing issues.


Cheops includes a generalized TCP port scanner to see what ports on the network are in use. It can be used to retrieve version information for certain services, to be sure any given host is up-to-date with the latest revision of its services.

Cheops includes a simple integrated SNMP browser, including write capability, using the UCD SNMP library. Cheops also supports a plug-in interface, which includes support for SNMP plug-ins, similar in concept to those of HP Openview.

Cheops can monitor critical servers, and immediately notify the concerned person through its event log, standard e-mail, and soon via paging, when things go wrong. The network administrator can know exactly which system is up or down, and just when problems occur. Right clicking on a host quickly shows a list of common services it supports, and rapid, easy access to them. The co-developer has given cheops a makeover and it is called Cheops-ng (new generation)

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