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What is Proxy?

Proxy is a network computer that can serve as an intermediate for connection with other computers. They are usually used for the following purposes:
As firewall, a proxy protects the local network from outside access.

      As IP-addresses multiplexer, a proxy allows to connect a number of computers to Internet when having only one IP-address

      Proxy servers can be used (to some extent) to anonymous web surfing.

      Specialized proxy servers can filter out unwanted content, such as ads or 'unsuitable' material.

      Proxy servers can afford some protection against hacking attacks.

      The program Win gate is often used as proxy. Quite a number of such proxies are open to easy access. Anonymous proxies hide the real IP address (and sometimes other information) from websites that the user visits. There are two sorts; ones can be used in the same way as the non-anonymous proxies above, and web-based anonymizers.

      Using a non-anonymous proxy:

      HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR =, This shows the IP address (first number) and possibly the IP address of the proxy server used (second).

      Using an anonymous proxy:

      HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR = This now only shows the IP address of the proxy.

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