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Tools-Visual Lookout

Visual Lookout provides high level views as well as detailed and historical views that provide traffic information in real-time or on a historical basis.

In addition the user can request a "connections" window for any server, which provides a real-time view of all the active network connections showing

who is connected,

what service is being used,

whether the connection is inbound or outbound, and

how many connections are active and how long they have been connected.

Traffic is an important measure when identifying possible hacker attacks or even Denial of Service (DOS) attacks. A change in traffic patterns from normal values is an important first clue to possible unwanted visitors. Visual Lookout provides the ability to view any of the important traffic metrics as a graphical representation both from a real-time and historical perspective. Visual Lookout provides the ability to capture connection activity for any server or computer system that it is monitoring. The search feature locates any connection activity based on inbound or outbound port or IP address/domain name, and can replay the history period of interest as though the session were in real time.

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