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What is ITIL and Disciplines of ITILv2 and ITSM and IT Service management

ISO/IEC 20000 :- Standard for ‘Service Management’ capabilities  audited and certification.
I TIL - Provides body of knowledge for achieving the above standard.
I TIL – Public framework that describes that describes best practice in ITSM.

What is I TIL

    *  I TIL is the collection of best practices of IT service management
    *  It can be implemented to any IT organization
    *  I TIL focus on management of IT services
    *  In IT life cycle, 70-80 % of time & cost is spent on operational phase
    *  I TIL does not dictate to any organization , what you “should” do
    *  It provides series of options & disciplines which can be implemented by each organization as per their needs & requirements
    * I TIL does not required completely new ways of thinking & acting – It provides structured context for existing methods & activities to increase quality of services

Disciplines of ITILv2

    * Service support
    * Service Delivery
    * Security Management
    * ICT infrastructure management [ICT- Information & communication technology]
    * Application management
    * Planning to implement services management
    * The businessmen perspective
    * Software Asset Management
    * I TIL Small-Scale Implementation

ITSM – IT Service management
ITSM focus is – Strategic business value generated by IT

2 main disciplines

Service support
Service Delivery

11 practices of ITSM
Service support

   1. Incident management
   2. Problem management
   3. Configuration management
   4. Change management
   5. Release management
   6. Service desk

Service delivery

   1. Service level management
   2. Capacity management
   3. Service continuity management
   4. Availability management
   5. Financial  management for IT services


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