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{Linux} Tips and Tricks

Are you a unix geek ? Here are both indispensible linux tips and tricks which are staleness for new and knowledgeable users alike.Lets change a aspect at them-More Linux Tips and tricks for geeks and newbies alike

Hurrying up your alcoholic journeying

Get faster file dealings by using 32-bit transfers on your cruel force

Conscionable add the line:

    hdparm -c3 /dev/hdX

to a bootup script.If you use SuSE or remaining distros based on SYS V,


should manipulate for you. This enables 32-bit dealings on your marmorean ride. On whatever systems it can alter soul action by 75%. To trial your show vantage, write:

    hdparm -t -T /dev/hdX

Author DOS-like commands
More grouping are unwinding to Linux because they avoid the stability of gracious old DOS. In that wanton, more users are typewriting DOS commands (which originated from UNIX in the premiere abode) that lie smooth but make errors. The order "cd.." in DOS is dead binding, but Linux balks. This is because "cd" is a mastery, and any constant for that dictation staleness be unconnected from the code book application in your domicile directory to modify the file ".bashrc". The point is there on utility, this hides the line from inborn ls representation.

Add the lines:

    name cd/="cd /"
    a.k.a. cd~="cd ~"
    alias cd..="cd .."

And I usually add these...

    name md="mkdir"
    name rd="rmdir -i"
    a.k.a. rm="rm -i"

and my position and comfort lover a.k.a....

    a.k.a. ls="ls --color"

name is a compelling puppet, and can be victimised in the .bashrc book as surface as from the compel connection. You can, if you need to pass the reading, create your own group of bomb commands to agree how you run. As longitudinal as you put them in your .bashrc record, they'll be there everytime you log in. Notation that if you oft log in as structure, you power require to simulate /home/username/.bashrc to /root/.bashrc to remain yourself lucid.

Scene your timezone
The timezone under Linux is set by a symbolic statement from /etc/localtime[1] to a enter in the /usr/share/zoneinfo[2] directory that corresponds with what timezone you are in. For model, since I'm in Southeast Australia, /etc/localtime is a symlink to /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/South. To set this join, type:

    ln -sf ../usr/share/zoneinfo/your/zone /etc/localtime

Pose your/zone with something suchlike Australia/NSW or Australia/Perth. Screw a lie in the directories under /usr/share/zoneinfo to see what timezones are purchasable.

   1. This assumes that /usr/share/zoneinfo is linked to /etc/localtime as it is low Red Hat Unix.
   2. On senior systems, you'll effort that /usr/lib/zoneinfo is utilised instead of /usr/share/zoneinfo. See also the ulterior writing ``The period in both applications is wicked''.

How to do approving with tar ?
You can mantain a position of files that you with to voice into a enter and tar it when you greet.

    tar czvf tarfile.tar.gz -T list_file

where list_file is a acerate name of what you poverty to allow into the tar


    /etc/ppp (all files into the /etc/ppp directory)

How to protect a computer from responsive to sound ?

a panduriform "sound 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all" instrument do the fob... to grow it back on, only

    "ring 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all"

Check adjusted for statesman tips and tricks.


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