Monday, March 12, 2012

Download BackTrack 5 R2

BackTrack 5R2 comes in several flavours and architectures. 
Download BackTrack 5R2 32bit Gnome
Download BackTrack 5R2 32bit KDE
DownloadBackTrack 5R2 64bit Gnome
Download BackTrack 5R2 64bit KDE


  1. Wat does backtrack52 do? wat is it for?

  2. Hi Adnan
    Sorry am posting here irrelevant to the topic
    I created a keylogger using neptune and crypted it using chrome crypter.
    I Zipped it and attached with an email
    Than I received it on another computer for testing. The keylogger worked alright and I received a test email on the email address mentioned. But later, when I sent it through email and checked it after 2 hours about keys. I dint get anything on email. Does that mean that Neptune project keylogger is fake?