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WebCruiser Enterprise Edition,Vulnerability Scanner

* Crawler(Site Directories And Files);

* Vulnerability Scanner(SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting);
* POC(Proof of Concept): SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting;
* GET/Post/Cookie Injection;
* SQL Server: PlainText/FieldEcho(Union)/Blind Injection;
* MySQL/Oracle/DB2/Access: FieldEcho(Union)/Blind Injection;
* Administration Entrance Search;
* Password Hash of SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle Administrator;
* Time Delay For Search Injection;
* Auto Get Cookie From Web Browser For Authentication;
* Multi-Thread;
* Adcanced:Proxy,Escape Filter;
* Report Output.

Username: WWW

Serial : 3E08-3C1B-CAFB-321F


Serial :9EF6-CC8C-F068-B1D6

Bayram hediyesi.



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